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Home Mission:
No.of Sisters serving in Andhra Pradesh 09
No. of Sisters serving in Maharashtra - 08

Jesus Youth : for girl students

No. of Vocations from our villages in Andhra Pradesh - 04
No. of Vocations received from our Schools in Maharashtra - 02

A book namely Vachana Vithumai is published in the year 2009.


Department of Faith Formation& Mission

Jesus taught the people that God is a loving father. He is all compassion and abounding in steadfast love. This face of God we experience in our fellow beings. But the face of Christ is disfigured by false teaching, false faith and superstitions. At this juncture our heart throb for the lost sheep and the sheep those not aware of a loving Father. We strive, starve, stand for their cost to bring liberty to the captives, sight to the blind proclaim good news to the poor.

The core of our apostolic activities lies in faith formation. Every step of our movement is geared to bring the light of faith. We undertake systematic and conscious effort to deepen the faith of those already in faith and radical and loving approach to those at the initiation.

Blessed Chavara 

         We prepared 35 children for their first Holy Communion this year.

         Every first Friday we make arrangements for the confession of all our catholic students and staff.

1.    House visiting and counseling.

         Daily we are visiting the houses of our parish and give them counseling according to their needs. Also we welcome the persons who are in need of the counseling  to the convent and give guidance and prayer support for solving their problems.

2.    Leadership in prayer.

Bl. Chavara


         We  guide the intercessory prayer group in the parish every Thursday and prepare the people to lead the prayer services as well as the solemn rosaries in the parish and family gatherings.

         Many sick parents and students of Cementnagar School were sent to Bellarshah Divine Vachan Ashram for prayer and Counseling and they were healed from their ailments. Praise the Lord!

         Sisters of Batwanpally sent twelve people from different villages for retreat at
Muthanki. They benefited a lot from the retreat. Now they are the pearls for the village.

         Ten days Rosary programme is arranged in Mount Carmel for the parishioners. 

         A problematic family of Wardha Parish was sent to Retreat centre at Balharsha Divine Ashram.

4. Visiting the sick with a prayerful heart.

         Always our ears are sensitive towards the sick. We support them by our prayers and presence & do the needful for them.

         When we hear the news of someone expired in our parish we visit them, comfort them and if needed, spent the night there by praying for them. Also we motivate them to pray continuously.

       We visit the neighboring Government hospital and families to support and strength them our prayers and extend the financial help to the poor families, sick people etc

5. Catechesis

         Sisters teach catechism in the parish church on every Sunday and motivate the students to live according to the Gospel values.

         We are giving classes on Youcat to the catholic students.

         Pious articles distributed for parishioners & families in various occasions.

         We have distributed saints books to the students.

         DVD, CD,s about Jesus life showed to students at times.

         A talk was given to Carmel Buds on the theme Igniting the ways with faith.

         We have arranged one day seminar based on faith for all the parishners. The resourced person of the day was Fr.JoshyChettiyanchira.

6. Proclamation of the Word of God

         Sr. Arpitha&Sr. Sushma continues their preaching & counseling at Divine Vachan Ashram Bamini in collaboration with the V.C. Fathers.

         Based on Christian faith One day Bible class was arranged for the Christian students in our schools.

         Distribute monthly publications like Shalom and Tabor Voice to the parishioners and teachers.

         Word of God displayed in each class and given test for the students.

         We distributed book marks with word of God based on faith was Printed and were distributed for all the staff and students.

         We read word of God daily in the school assembly.

         Our teachers give a few minutes speech on different gospel values during the time of Assembly. It is in fact worth having them speak   to the students.

         Conducted Competition for the mothers of our parish [mathrusangam] on word of God on faith with Bible Quotations.

        The Catechism classes are made more Word bound and Word oriented. Children are given the practice to recite continuously one particular Word of God till the teacher comes to the class. A child from the class is selected and appointed to discharge this holy task without fail on every Sunday.

       The sisters conduct Bible class to the members of the Mathrusangam on Sundays after Holy Mass.   During family visit sisters teach the family the importance of Holy Eucharist and inspire them to attend Holy Mass. They distribute family prayer book and Bible during the visit.


7. Year of Faith

         A systematic study of the documents of Vatican II, CCC and YOUCAT is done within 3 years in the following manner:

July December 2013 YOUCAT

January December 2014 CCC

January November 2015 Vat. II SC, LG, AG &GS

Details regarding the study are decided by the communities

         YOUCAT is taught to the Catholic students of classes 8-12 in our schools in this year of faith.    

8. Courses & Seminars

         Sr. Arpitha attended an intensive 4 week course on the Bible and proclamation Bible walking with the Word from 02 to 28 September 2013, at NBCLC Bangalore.

         SrsVincyand Catherine of participated in a seminar on YOUCATfor the Catechism teachers of the Kalyan Diocese at Nerul.

         As usual, this year too, four finally professed sisters were sent to FATRI ( Family Apostolate Training and Research Institute), Velur to make them proficient and efficient evangelizers of all families especially Christian families. They have successfully completed the three months intensive course and came back on 10th September 2013.

9.   Home Mission


Home mission

         Our sisters conducted Home Mission in Wardha&Bellarsha Parishes. In Wardha they conducted the Home Mission in collaboration with other congregations (SD, FCC, DM, MSMI) It gave great impact on faith formation of the Parishioners.


         Our sisters alone conducted the Home Mission at Ballarsha Cathedral Parish from 14th March to 27th March. They experienced the longingness of the people to experience God and to be with the Lord from all their burden and labour . On the last day of the Home Mission they conducted adoration followed by Holy Mass and Agape. There were large number of people for the sacrament of Reconciliation. There were people who confessed after a long years and attended the liturgy. 

Councillor For Faith Formation

Sr. Ann Mary C.M.C.

Pro. Councillor for
Faith Formation

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