Healing ministry

Details of our various Healing Ministry activities which are situated in two states namely Andrapradesh and Maharashtra.

Mobile Clinic


Sr. Yajna C.M.C.
Pro. Councillor for Healing Ministry

Carmelodaya province Wardha

Department of Healing ministry

Report from December 2012 to December 2013

Province &place: Carmelodaya Wardha

Name of the councilor: Sr. Domini C.M.C.

Secretariat members: Sr. Domini, Sr. Jesmy.


 The Secretariat members had one meeting within this period. Since we have no institutions our sisters are engaged in different institutions like

1. In the hospital under Chanda diocese...........1 sister

2. In the dispensary under Adilabad diocese....2 sisters

3. In the hospital at Bangalore St. John's..........1 sister

4. Remaining sisters occupied with different activities.

v All our sisters attended the spiritual development program which is organized by the province in time to time according to our rules and regulations of the congregation.

v We have no palliative care centre. Our sisters are giving the care for old and destitute needy people, wherever the institutions are established.

v To update the knowledge of the sisters in the healing ministry we sent the sisters to attend the seminar and conferences at different places. 

1.      Two sisters attended the seminar at Ayurveda hospital Sawangi (M) Wardha,                      topic: Palliative care

2.      Five sisters attended the conference at St. John's hospital organized by CHAI in connection with the jubilee of CHAI

v So far we have not taken the CHAI Insurance policy.

v According to the provincial synaxis decision No.22 page 28 the awareness class conducted regarding balanced diet, physical and psychological aspects of health. The class taken on balanced diet by Sr. Josy CMC and the physical and psychological aspects of health by Sr. (Dr) Swathy SJB. It was arranged with 2 sessions and 95% of our sisters attended the classes and now they put it into practice positively.

Councilor for Healing Ministry                                                                 

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