Sesquicentennial Jubilee conclusion

Ø Thanksgiving  Eucharistic  celebration’, marking the conclusion of  Sesquicentennial Jubilee Year of the foundation of our  congregation, was held at Carmelodaya Provincial House, Wardha  at 11.00 a.m on 19th January 2016. His Excellency Mar.Prince Antony Panengaden the Bishop of Adilabad    Diocese, officiated the solemn Eucharistic  banquet.

Representatives from all the Communities of our province participated. 

The day was marked with following events

Ø  Blessing of the New grotto.

Ø financial support towards 150 dialysis as memorial of the 150th Jubilee  of Rs.37500/- to  Data Meghe  Hospital, Wardha.

                                                                                                Rs.37500/- to  Kasturbha  Hospital Sevagram 

Ø inauguration of the Charitable works of Carmelodaya related to the Year of Mercy of Rs.25000/- to Christ Hospital                                                                                            Chandrapur for  the BPL patients

Ø for Evangelization Programme to to Bishop of Adilabad of Rs.30000/-.

* For the construction of the Church  Rs.25000/- to Rev. Fr.Liju, Kalyan.

Sisters donated blood at differents centers on 29/01/2016 and 1/02/2016.





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