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Details of our various activities of Social Work which are taking place in 3 States namely Karnatka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Tailoring Centre

Jail Ministry
Bala Vikasa

Project work for Social Work
To empower the women and children we bought 13 acres of land for the uplift of the abandoned children and unwedded mothers to start the institution.

Total No. of Sisters working for Social Service


Pro. Councillor for Social Work

Carmelodaya province Wardha

Department of Social Service

As we found very inconvenient to form a registered society exclusively for the social service, we formed an unregistered society keeping all the norm of a registered society.

Following are the members:

Governing body


Provincial superior        

Sr.Lilly Grace


All Councillors                 

Sr. Philo

Sr. Mercilin

Sr. Ann Mary

Sr. Yajna

Core team members     

Sr.Keerthana,                                                              Sr.Leema

Sr.Deepthy (Treasurer)

Core team members

Sr. Domini









General body

Provincial superior        

Sr. Lilly Grace

Provincial councilors      

Sr. Philo

Sr. Mercilin

Sr. Ann Mary

Sr. Yajna

Core team members     




Secretariet members       




We conducted one general body meeting. We are receiving 12% of the total income of the province, it is utilizing 1/3 for the charitable and the remaining for the developmental work.

 The social work core team and social work animators together working for the integral development of the individuals and communities, particularly where the convents and institutions are located to this province. Report of the activities:-

A. Individuals

  Helped the widows to make themselves sufficient through revolving fund

  Honoured the old and destitute under balavikasa in the village.

  Glow friends'-the social service wing of Mount Carmel convent school Samudrapur helped a family to have a shelter.

  Entered one girl to new state of life by marriage.

B. Environmental protection

v Use of plastics is reduced and never allowed it to be dug in the soil.

v  Use wastage water for gardening.

v Tree plantation programme was organized in order to help the people for getting shelter.

v  Through ECO club wing awareness program was given for environmental protection and cleanliness of environment.

v Use the kitchen waste for the compost

C. Food security

Provided the rise, dhal and other provisions to the families through Balavikasa.

Encouraged the women to make the kitchen garden.

Classes were given to the school children on food security.

D. Programme for the integral growth of the people

v Classes are given regarding moral values and spiritual guidance for                                            the school children.

v Awareness classes are given to the women regarding importance of women education.

v A class is given for the autoriksha drivers regarding moral values.

v Christmas message was given to the 50 autoriksha drivers at Cement Nagar and gift was given

v Visited the jail people and shared the Christmas JOY and PEACE and distributed the blankets and dresses

v The Remand Home children at Wardha are brought to the provincial house and given the class on 'moral values' and served a good lunch.

v Through Balavikasa we encourage the women to come up in the society.

v We have taken up the mineral water project at Ralamettupally

v We helped many women for the skill training like beautician course, tailoring, driving, and computer

v Land for landless: We helped 2 families at Bangalore and Katol to get the land for the house

v Jam, Samudrapur, Kattol, chandrapur and Kaghaznagar convents are giving free accommodation  and education to 45 children

 self employment.

v autoriksha with revolve fund scheme

 with revolve fund scheme to start one shop.

 to join  the professional course

v A seminar was given for the mothers of the students of Mt. Carmel convent school at cement Nagar 'on ideal mother' by Sr. Rose.

v A seminar was given for the couples related to FAITH year  by Sr. Swathi SJB

v In connection with the golden jubilee of Sirpur Kaghaznagar convent & school 50 cycles were given to the 50 poor persons.

 to construct the house.

To the status of self sufficiency by providing  the following

goat  .......................

Autoriksha .................



Shop .............

Tailoring machine

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