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Faith Formation

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A. Family Apostolate 

We visit Christian families regularly; give guidance in family prayer, conduct unit-level Prayer Meetings, and so on. The families of our students are visited in order to give guidelines, and counseling to them and their parents aiming at their all-round development. 

B. Common Prayer House – Anjali Sadan. Carmelodaya Regional House in Wardha is renovated and blessed on 20 February 2017 as the Common Prayer House for sisters as well as for other women to stay and pray. experience the joy of being with the Lord. Two of our sisters are in full-time service in this house for the people who come for prayer and counseling. Sisters from our own communities make use of Anjali Sadan during the prayer days.

We started in all our convent silent adoration in the morning, keeping open the Holy Tabernacle. Two of our sisters Sr. Arpita and Sr. Sushma were serving in Divine Vachanashram, Ballarsha in the field of proclamation.

C. Bethel Mission and Home Mission
CMC Carmelodaya launched into a new sphere of faith formation through Bethel Mission and Home Mission. Bethel Mission was started in the year 2015 with a group of our sisters staying in an area where the name of the Lord is unheard of. They visit all the families in that area, talked to them, pray for them, arrange programs according to the circumstances. In a way, it is an indirect way of Proclaiming Jesus. Sisters intensified Home mission since 2009. In this program sisters concentrate in different parishes by staying among them, visiting the families, teaching them prayers, encouraging them to attend the Sacraments, and thus nurturing and reviving their Christian spirit.
13 hours adoration is observed once in a year in all our schools. First working day of every month 45 minutes is spent for meditation based on Biblical Themes. In preparation for the feast of the Patroness of our institutions, Saints. Chavara and Euphrasia, nine days of Novena prayers are conducted and also messages are given. We do conduct special prayer services on the occasions of the beginning of the new academic year, New Year, teacher’s day, children’s day and fare well day of our outgoing students. We Installed LED T.V. in front of the offices of our schools through which we impart different values to the students and parents
E. BOARDINGS are started for catholic girls along with English medium Schools to promote genuine vocation and to uplift catholic families. Presently there are altogether 75 girl children in our boardings.

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